Eight – The Kingdom of God, p. 300

1 K of God ch 8

December 19

Jesus and the King’s will

The very essence of Jesus’ earthly ministry is discovered in an event recorded by Luke…

Jesus in the synagogue

Jesus came as the fulfillment of the prophetic words of Isaiah as recorded in Isaiah 61:1-4. The context of Isaiah’s words were aimed at the consequences of God’s people who had forsaken their King, and as a whole nation, fallen into the depths of sin. As a result of forsaking their King, they had removed themselves from the covenant protection of their King, and found themselves attacked and defeated by invaders from Babylon.

Those who survived the attack were subjected to Babylonian captivity and slavery. It was a cruel and oppressive 70 years. Toward the end of this captivity, Isaiah was inspired to speak the King’s words to His people.

Isaiah speaks to the people

Isaiah’s words were prophetically focused on two most prominent things…

First, his words were aimed at reminding God’s people that they were the focus of God’s attention – even in the midst of their exile into Babylon for their unfaithfulness to their true King. Their condition was produced because the kings and the kingdoms of this world are intent upon establishing and upholding their own kingdoms based upon their own flawed and self-serving intentions.

Old Testament Scripture provides ample evidence that whenever God’s people become disloyal to their true King, they soon found themselves subjected to the power-hungry whims of ungodly kings and kingdoms. This status, of subjugation to other kings and kingdoms, brings a condition of poverty, slavery, oppression, brokenness of heart and spirit, and utter darkness or blindness (an inability to see the hope and blessing found, and experienced, when living in submission to the rule of the true King).


We clearly conclude that the condition of humanity, outside of submission to the true King of Creation, can only end as a state of misery, shame, poverty and brokenness. But God, the King, offers some good news in the midst of all the suffering and sorrow…

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