Nine – Our Purpose, pt. 2 – p. 323

1 Understanding our purpose 2 Rule of God

February 6

Of kingdoms and kings (cont.)

The driving force behind any kingdom is the desire and will of the king.

Now, the king’s desire and will is formed and determined by the nature and character of the king himself. Those attributes which abide within the king, are going to be revealed through the will and desires of the king, and will be the foundation of what defines and describes his kingdom. All kingdoms are established to be the reflection of their king.

If, for example, we observe an evil, self-serving king, we will note that he is consumed only evil-king.pngwith his own pleasure and power. He will undoubtedly desire only to exercise his sovereign authority to satisfy his own pleasures and extend his own power – without any real regard for those under his rule. He will do whatever he wants, take whatever he wants, kill whomever he wants, decree whatever he wants – all in line with whatever satisfies the requirements of his own desire to meet his own ends.

Scripture affirms this: “For (the king) will do whatever he pleases…” (Ecclesiastes 8:3) A king with a self-serving character and nature will care little or nothing for his subjects – and will see them only as property to be used and utilized for his own pleasure and power.

The resulting devastation upon the king’s subjects, in this manner of kingdom, is immense. There will be only hardship, sacrifice, and helplessness for those who are subjugated to this type of ruler and rule. A selfish ruler will make life, for those beneath his rule, a life of adversity, tyranny, slavery and discord – all to satisfy his own self-serving interests. Life, for the subjects under the sovereign rule of a selfish king, is mostly characterized by hardship, loss, “legal” theft, destruction, and death.

If, on the other hand, we observe a good, conscientious king, we discover that the results will king-davidbe entirely different. A good king will also seek to shape his kingdom to his own wishes and desires. But because he is mindful and considerate of his subjects, and of his responsibility for their care and protection, he will seek to build a kingdom that affirms all the qualities that he finds virtuous and edifying for his people. He will promote peace, justice, and a sense of opportunity and hope that will permeate throughout his kingdom.

The people will have an inclination of affection for their king, because they have a real sense of his concern for their care and welfare. They will desire to please the king, because pleasing the king actually means something of value in their own lives. The subjects of this manner of kingdom are not seen as property, but as significant pieces that supply the necessary framework for a vital and growing kingdom.

A good ruler will make life, for those beneath his rule, a life of vibrancy and vitality – a life mostly filled with meaning, purpose, possibilities, and security. A good king will seek to make the character of his kingdom a place of abundant living…

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