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Two – Understanding Jesus – pg. 44

February 14

The second reason God gives is so that we might demonstrate His character. A giving God blesses us so that we might be a blessing to others. And how do we do this? By giving, of course. Jesus offered this fascinating truth for our consideration…

Luke 6 38

God pours out good things into our lives so that we might have an abundance of good things to give to others. Scripture points out that the key to the abundance of God’s gifts is the abundance of our giving! This bears repeating: the blessing of God is given so that we might be a blessing to others… and the more we bless others, the more we are blessed!

This is so central to God’s purpose for us that He actually equates it with the Gospel. The apostle Paul was inspired to write:


God’s promise to Abraham was that He would be blessed in his covenant relationship with God – and because Abraham was so blessed he could, in turn, be a blessing to “all the nations.” (see Genesis 12:1-2)

God blessed Abraham through an abundance of good things given to him by a loving God. Those who are called “blessed” in Scripture are blessed because a good and loving God has given them good things they did not obtain by their own efforts or merits. God’s giving blesses our lives, granting us something only He can give, and allowing us the opportunity to be able to give. When we give to others (just as we have received so freely from God) we are imitating and revealing the very character of God. This principle of the cycle of blessing is what God has promised His people – He blesses so that we may bless.

A quick glimpse at the beatitudes (Matthew 5) reveals this principle in effect. “Blessed are those…” describes people who have a need or a condition, and have that need or condition met by a gracious gift from the Hand and Heart of a loving, faithful God. The means to be a blessing comes entirely from the provision and sufficiency of God. In their commitment to being a blessing to others, the “blessed” exhibit the very character of the One Who has blessed them so abundantly. The “blessed” have discovered, and implemented, a new purpose in life: the opportunity to imitate the One Who has blessed them so abundantly through His giving.


We really cannot overestimate the importance of giving in the life of the disciple of Jesus. In our call to follow The Christ, high on our list of priorities must be the need to be a blessing to others through the abundance of what God has given to us. There should be no such thing as a stingy, miserly, or self-absorbed Christian. Few qualities could be farther from the Heart and nature of God. True Christians are called, and abundantly equipped, to represent God in all we do and say – especially in the things and the words that we give.