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Nine – Our Purpose, pt. 2 – p. 349

1 rule of God

March 18

The Great Commission, to “go and make disciples of all nations,” (Matthew 28:19-20) is preceded and established on the basis of the all-encompassing truth in our previous point: Jesus has earned, and has received, a position of ultimate power.

All authority

The message of the Kingdom of God comes with the complete backing of the One Who came to install the way and the means of that message. This message, in its proper form, comes with a demonstration of the One Who empowers that message. Jesus did not come to merely proclaim the gospel of the Kingdom – He came to display the power and authority of the King of that Kingdom. The great things that He did bore witness to the greatness of the King of that Kingdom.

“You shall be My witnesses” (Acts 1:8) is confirmed by what we see from the disciples, in the Book of Acts. The disciples’ actions confirm that what was seen in and through Jesus, remains His intended mode of operation throughout the extent of His reign. He still desires to do “great things” – and He desires to do those things through the ones who are devoted to Him.

d's miracles

The “greater things” Jesus promised will occur because He departed from us, to be seated at the right hand of the Father – and because He has taken up the mantle of all authority on heaven and earth. This mantle is now meant to be displayed through His people, spreading out all over the world, proclaiming and demonstrating the power and authority of this King’s Kingdom, as He directs.

The Kingdom of God is not just life-changing words – it is also life-changing works, initiated and empowered by The Christ, through those who are captivated by His love and mercy. This forms the very foundation of The Church – a force that the “gates of Hades cannot prevail against.” (see Matthew 16:18!) Jesus departed from us, to bring the fullness of God’s power and authority to us, and through us – that He might be multiplied, exponentially, to every corner of the globe.


Only through Jesus, now seated in the position of ultimate authority and power, are His people authorized and empowered to spread out all over the earth and fulfill the Great Commission. Only through Jesus can God’s people experience what Jesus foretold: “Anyone who has faith in Me will do what I have been doing. He will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father.”

Nine – Our Purpose, pt. 2 – p. 347

1 Understanding our purpose 2 Rule of God

March 14

Why Jesus left (cont.)

Jesus departed from this earth to eternally establish this position of power and authority in the heavenly realms. He also departed to enable the opportunity for humanity to connect with Him in this position at the right Hand of the Father. This connection is eternal, unchanging, and real – and it is essential for our participation in God’s plan of ushering in the King’s Kingdom on this earth.

As God’s people, we must see ourselves in this connection to the One seated at the right Hand of the Father. That is why the apostle informs us of our rightful position in our Savior.

Ephesians 2 6

The work of Jesus, on our behalf, so connects us with Jesus that we are literally, spiritually united with Him – and with His authority and power. Because our Lord is imbued with all authority and power (Matthew 28:18!), we who are “in Him” are connected to what He possesses. He is our Head, ordering and maneuvering His Body, here on earth, from His heavenly seat of authority and power. What He desires to do, He possesses the authority and power to do – and it is His desire to do His mighty work through His people.

This is exactly as it was always intended to be. What Adam and Eve were designed and commissioned to do, has been restored through the work of The Christ. Mankind was always intended to rule this earth under submission to the rule of God – and in that submission, to bring the rule of God to this earth.

in the garden

Sin confiscated and ravaged that opportunity and destiny. The Savior came and restored mankind’s divine purpose – then He departed from us to fully engage in bringing that purpose to every generation of His people. Jesus came to gather His people to Himself, and He left to bring the fullness of His authority and power to all those whom He had gathered.

Scripture declares that all this is for our good. This is our part in being Kingdom dwellers. Our passion, is to own the same passion possessed by our Savior when He walked among us: to proclaim, promote, and procure the Kingdom of God. What Jesus did, in His time of ministry among us, is meant to be duplicated in His devoted disciples in every generation of His Church.