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Two – Understanding Jesus – pg. 56

February 26

Jesus came to bring Fulfillment of The Law

Law of Moses

While Jesus may have come to this earth to be the catalyst to the confrontation of false faith, He did not come to destroy, abolish, or undo that which was true. He came into a system formed on the basis of “the Law and the Prophets” – and rather than condemn this system as old and outdated, He confirmed it as essential to a true expression of faith. As Christians, we rarely appreciate the importance of the Law (God addressing His people about general moral principles; also known as the Ten Commandments) and the Prophets (God speaking to His people Personally; usually addressing their actions concerning the Law).

Christians tend to frequently stress the fact that we are not under Law but under grace (Romans 6:14-15). This is true. But in stressing this fact, we can easily neglect something very crucial to our relationship with God. In our proper emphasis upon the grace of God, we can improperly dismiss God’s Law. We can easily conclude that, with the institution of the New Covenant, everything connected with the Old Covenant was cast away as worthless… or just eliminated altogether. This is not true.


Matthew’s gospel clearly records the words of Jesus Himself. He did not come to this earth to do away with the Law, but rather to fulfill the Law’s requirements – and to fully activate the Law within our hearts and minds. Jesus came to give the Law its rightful place in our lives. Even the very first Believers had no intention of leaving behind their Jewish roots. To the first disciples, receiving Jesus as Lord and Savior fully enabled them to live out their Jewish faith – not replace it.