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Nine – Our Purpose, pt. 2 – p. 360

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April 12


Peace is not defined merely by a lack of conflict, or by the presence of positive circumstances. It is something occurring within us that is not of this world. Jesus put it this way:

John 14 27

This “other-worldly” peace can only come through One Who possesses the power to reign over all things. This peace is a supernatural and permeating assurance of the personal attention and assistance of The Almighty King. Though we are in this world, we are not of this world (John 17:14, 16), and the One Who made this world holds our lives within His eternally powerful and capable hands.

We see this truth in the apostle’s inspired admonition to the Philippians:

Phili 4 6-7

In this life it is certain that we will all encounter circumstances that could cause great upheaval and anxiety in our souls. But in lifting our focus to Our King (by prayer and petition with thanksgiving), our focus is shifted away from our circumstances to the unfailing care and concern of Our God. In this shift of focus, we discover an amazing occurrence deep within us… We become immersed in God’s peace – which guards over our hearts and minds in the midst of our difficulties.

Once more, we note in this passage, the astounding fact that our circumstances may not change – but we are changed in the midst of our circumstances. Our eyes are lifted up “to where our Help comes from” (see Psalm 121) and we confidently realize that His gaze is firmly fixed on those He loves. This truth solidifies within us something that can only come from heaven to redeemed hearts: indescribable and unshakable peace!

But this truth is deeper still…

Our peace not only comes from the fact of God’s care for us – it also arises from the Person of God Who cares for us. Jesus came to this earth, not only to bring us the truth, He came to indelibly connect us to the Father of Truth. He came to be the Source of all that is needed to confidently face every hardship of this world. When He came to this earth, He fully experienced our world, our hardships, our difficulties, our temptations, our pains and griefs, and He faced them in the same Godly confidence which He now freely offers to those in relationship with Him.

It is in Jesus that we have peace – a peace that cannot be defined or understood in this world’s terms. Jesus said it best:

John 16 33

It is in the nature and Person of this Overcomer that all Christians may continually reside – and in Him is perfect, all-encompassing peace.